Onnecting Humanities readings to contemporary issues

Essay 2 a Connecting Humanities readings to contemporary issues

Assignment details:
Papers must be typed, 5-7 pages, double spaced with standard 1 inch margins and standard font 10-12 pt. Essays must be stapled and the pages must be numbered and you must include a separate cover page. You may choose either the MLA or Turabian citation format but be consistent throughout.

Grading: To receive an a?Aa? on a paper or exam, you must do excellent work in all these areas: original thinking, organization and clear analysis, use of sufficient and specific evidence, and consistent and correct grammar and mechanics.

Instructions for Essay 2 :
Skim all of the articles below. Select either topic A, B, or C as your subject. Find at least 1 other source (academic or popular periodical (blogs from major newspapers, magazines, e-zines, etc, okay but NOT WIKIPEDIA) to support your argument. Begin your essay with 1 brief paragraph explaining why you chose this topic.

Include references from at least two of the following assigned texts in your essay:
Freud, Sigmund. Civilization and Its Discontents (Norton)
The Communist Manifesto with related documents (Bedford)
Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein, 1818 (Norton critical)
Douglass, Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass (Bedford)
Holocaust materials from myCourses (You must use all 3)

Topic A) The Body, Gender, Politics
Read: The Little-Known Nazi Roots Of Legitimate Rape

Topic B) Work and Class
Read: Inside Apples Chinese sweatshop factory where workers are paid just A?1.12 per hour to produce iPhones and iPads for the West
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