Onnecting ISLLC Standards to Educational Practices

The ISLLC standards function as guidelines designed to specify educational leadersa required knowledge, dispositions, and performance abilities. It is important to master the skill sets presented in the standards and develop a leadership style that focuses on empowerment and stewardship. The standards include performance objectives for leaders who will lead with vision; create a climate for student and faculty growth; manage resources and personnel effectively; work collaboratively with communities; act with integrity and an ethical manner; and participate in the political, economic, social, legal, and cultural communities. Underlying every standard in the ISLLC standard set is the desire to increase achievement for all students, demonstrate school and personnel effectiveness, and ensure competent educational leaders fill the ranks of schools in the United States.

In this activity, you will generate specific examples of exemplary administrative practice and connect them to ISLLC standards. The full potential of the standards can only be realized when they are implemented in practice. A first step in this direction is developing the ability to recognize effective professional practices that correspond with the professional standard sets for educational leaders.


Read Chapter 1 in Green, R. L. (2013), Standards Informing School Leadership.
Read Chapter 2, PowerPoint #2, The Nature of Leadership. (Go to PowerPoints on the left-hand menu)
Review Educational Leadership Policy Standards: ISLLC 2008
Think about the attributes you consider important for school leaders to possess.
Create a list that describes the attributes and actions you associate with high quality school administrators. These may be practices observed in the work of school leaders you respect and/or practices you currently implement or wish to implement to be an effective leader.
Develop a two-column chart similar to the one below. In the first column, describe the leadership practice.
In the second column, align it to the ISLLC standard. ISLLC has six main standards and many sub-standards. You only need to use the standard here.
Please note some behaviors may align with more than one standard so may appear more than once in the second column.

Exemplary Leadership Practice The ISLLC Standard

Review your list and using the information in the PowerPoint, consider the leadership theory that best fits the attributes you have chosen.
Locate another set of leadership standards and select one attribute from your chart. Consider how the attribute aligns to one of the other standards in the set you chose.
Main Task Project: Align Administrative Practices with the ISLLC Standard
Use the chart you created to write a paper that addresses the following:

Explain why the attributes are important, and then defend your standard/attribute alignments.
Compare how the other leadership standard you identified aligns (or does not align) to the ISLLC standard you chose for one attribute.
Present a brief summary of your personal leadership attributes. Then, identify the theory from the PowerPoint presentation that best describes your leadership style.
Include your chart as part of your paper.
Summary Length: 5-7 pages
Include a minimum of three APA-format citations on a separate, additional a?Referencesa? page.

Spotlight on Skills: APA Form and Style
Throughout this course, and other courses at Northcentral University, you are required to follow APA form and style when preparing assignments. If you are unfamiliar with APA form and style, take this tutorial: The Basics of APA Style.