Onnecting my teaching style with what adult leraners need to know


The purpose of the paper is, first, to organize your thoughts on teaching and, second, to integrate what you have learned during this class into your own approach to teaching adult learners. The outcome of the paper should be your view of the connections between your teaching style and what adult learners need and benefit from in terms of their learning, development, and motivation.

Use a wide range of sources to generate the intellectual and ideological foundation to your personal theory of teaching paper. Ideas and teaching strategies need to be supported by theoretical rationale and by empirical evidence (not opinion or speculation). For example, if you are incorporating active, participatory learning strategies, provide the theoretical rationale behind active learning as an instructional strategy.

Organization and Structure of the Paper:

1. The paper is 2 a 4 pages in length.

2. Part 1 (2-3 paragraphs on what an effective teacher does): Describe your views of what constitutes an Effective teacherof adult learners. What personal qualities does the effective teacher possess; what does the effective teacher do?

3. Part 2 (2-3 paragraphs on how adult learners benefit from what effective teachers do): Discuss your perspective (include rationale) about what constitutes valuable learning, positive development, and productive motivation in adult learners.

4. Part 3 (3-4 paragraphs which integrate Parts 1 and 2 together): link your conceptualization of effective teaching to the processes and outcomes of valuable learning, positive development, and productive motivation. Explain here how you think effective teaching translates itself into adult learners learning, developing, and being motivated.

Evaluation Criteria

1. Claritya translation of the ideas from N745 into an understanding of students and of teaching (2.5 points)

2. Evidencea use of supportive rationale to support your assertions and opinions as to how teaching connects to and facilitates students learning, developmental, and motivational processes. (2.5 points)

3. Consistency--congruence between your personal views on what teachers say and do and what the empirical studies show in terms of what adult learners actually need and benefit from. (2.5 points)

4. Quality of writing and structure. (2.5 points)