ONNECTING THE MODERN WORLD TO ANCIENT ART: greek Parthenon and Bolshoi Theater in Moscow

so it have to be something like
1 introduction
2 thesis statement. something like”Joseph Bove, Russian neoclassical architect with Italian roots, played a huge role in reconstruction of Moscow. One of his most famous works is Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. Same as a Greek Parthenon it represents classical style, and carries the idea of humanism, and rationalism.
3 body paragraphBoth objects have a long history….. bla bla blamention about Elwin Marbles in Parthenon and fires in Moscow
so history of Greek Parthenon and Bolshoi theater in Moscow
4 describe the outside the buildings. Mention about that triangular thing on a roof, it call PEDIMENT.the images on pedimemt(like 2 head eagl on Theater). talk about the columns, what style they are(Ionic style)
5 horses on a top ob Bolshoi theater, what does it represent. mention that it look like Marcus Aurellius
6. describe the theater inside
Use as much Art terms as u can