Onnection paper The Cultural Impact of Globalization

This is a connection paper where I have to connect a shared perspective of two authors and then analyze it. I have already written my introduction with a thesis statement. In my introduction I mentioned that both texts addressed a significant topic which is the issue about why most of people look at globalization in terms of economics only while they have to focus on it in terms of culture. Both authors argued that globalization is actually affecting more than just the economy, because it affects other important aspects of life such as ai??i??culture.ai??i?? Both of them talked about culture. So in this paper my connection will be about the effect of globalization on cultures and how the both authors talked about this issue. Basically it is an analysis paper where I have to make a connection between the two authors. My main argument in this paper is that both texts agree on this issue, and together they provide a stronger understanding of that problem and how to solve it. I want you to write for me the rest of the paper. I will upload the two texts that I am writing about and the requirements for writing this paper. I have already made the works cited page so if you can write my conclusion instead of that it will be good. For the body paragraphs you will find the directions for it in the file that I will upload, I want you to connect the two authors in each paragraph, mention their claims about the topic above, the problem, evidence and the solution they have talked about. I have a sample paper but in different topic, if you want me to upload it so you can have a general idea of the paper.