Onor based killings / self immolation and murder

Please ensure that the grammar and work is one of a Masters level and contains good information, avoiding irrelevant issues and contains excellent grammar, punctuation and referencing.

The research project should be focused on how big the problem of self immolation and murder (Honor based immolation is in the UK. Is it really an issue or is it over hyped? What are the statistics of murder as opposed to suicide in the UK. As well as which ethnic groups if any are most at risk and likely to undergo such abuse or self immolation cases in UK. In which ethnic community is this common? This research must also include questionnaires based on research from organizations that deal with honor based abuse, burnt unit hospitals or pathologists, fire services and the coroners reports and statistics.

The proposal for this topic needs to be handed in within a week. Therefore please ensure that the proposal is done for the 8th of April 2010. The proposal only needs to be approximately 4 pages but must include the questionnaires. I have already manages to put together a questionnaire based on the organizations that help victims of honor abuse. This will be made available to the writer.

I will provide a module booklet that will specify what is required and some papers or at least there titles which will help direct the writer. The module booklet will also include the marking scheme which will allow the writer to understand what exactly is required.