Onquering Depression and Anxiety through Exercise

Book: Conquering Depression and Anxiety through Exercise by Keith Johnsgard

1. You should write a creative summary of the book that is detailed enough to convince me that you read the book cover to cover. Discuss the main points of the book (cite the important research from your book). Eighty percent of your report should be a summary of the book. The word Summaryis used loosely! It is impossible to summarize full chapters in a few sentences. No outside resources are required, but they can be used. Several outside sources may suggest that you didnt read the book. Remember that citations throughout the book need to follow APA format.

2. You should compare your book with the information learned in class. Did your book emphasize both diet & exercise? Did it recommend a balance of carbs, fat or protein? Was CV exercise encouraged? Is your topic more of a trend or does it appear to be based on scientific information?

3. I would like your opinion of the book: Did you like it? Why or why not? Was it thought provoking? Had you ever thought about the topic covered before this class? Will you change your habits because of the book? Does the author seem credible? Would you recommend it to another classmate?

4. Tell me how the book may affect you personally, other U.S. citizens, or the world. Go deeper than your own personal experience & see how your choices today impact the future. For example, many people who have diabetes think that the diabetes only affects them. In reality, family members may have to take off work to take care of the sick diabetic, employers have to hire temporary help or co-workers have to pick up the workload on the sick day the diabetic took off. Diabetes is the #1 expense for Medicare…so ALL tax paying citizens help to support diabetics on Medicare. Having diabetes makes health insurance cost increase for everyone.

5. The cover page & citations are not included in the 7 page minimum requirement. When you include the cover page & citations (if any), you would have a minimum of 9 pages. No abstract is required for this paper.