Onscientious Objection in an all Volunteer Force

Font: 12 point; Times New Roman

Spacing: Double Line Spacing

Margins: One inch margins on both the right and left hand sides

Paper must include ALL of the following:

Easily understood in a single rapid read

Primarily ACTIVE voice throughout (minimal instances of passive voice that DO NOT detract from the paper)

NO first person writing

NO misspelled words or grammatical errors

SUMMARY PARAGRAPH must be included at the end of the paper

Clearly identifiable introduction, body and conclusion

Clear and effective transitions between and within paragraphs


Basic history of designated topic (Conscientious Objection in a Volunteer Force; Im in the army so it would be appropriate to cite Army references)

Current situation and End State Goals (The current situation is that the Army ALLOWS Conscientious Objection, my end state is I want to argue that it shouldnt be allowed)

Identify possible alternate outcomes for the current situation

Identify at least TWO facts supporting possible alternate outcome (banning conscientious objection)

Identify at least TWO facts AGAINST the alternate outcome (why banning conscientious objection would be negative)


Accurately Cited throughout the paper (APA)

5 source minimum

No more than 5 DIRECT QUOTES