ONSENT FORM Citizenship Education in International Schools within Hong Kong

A consent form is require in addition to the dissertation proposal for any interviewers. Including:
the aim of the study
Procedures to be followed, Duration, How it will be recorded and used
Statement of confidentiality
Rights to ask questions or make comments
voluntary participation

Info about the dissertation:
The paper topic shown is the general topic of the dissertation. I shall only be using interviews with adults for primary data collection, since international schools in hong kong are not using only 1 school system, it is recommended to include any factors that may need for the readers understanding. Things that Ive been discussing with my tutor are: Which Citizenship Education curriculum should be used or adapted by the teachers or school, since the location of the school may not related to the context as in other countries if the school adapted an American or English or Australian schooling systems. Also, I should be interviewing teachers from Secondary schools who teaches History and Geography and The headmasters or division master.

FYI, the dissertation will be due in late august, it is expected to have data collection during easter break and also July. Therefore it might be a personal interview or a skype interview. Please contact me if you need any additional information to write the paper.