Onsequences and Implications of Afghanistan Assisting Baluch Seperatists

identify consequences of president karzai assisting baluch seperatists, providing safe havens within AFG and refusing to hand them over to PAK. Identify leaders of BLA (baluchistan liberation army), specifically Akbar Bugti (killed by PAK army in 2006), Balach Marri, Brahamdagh Bugti. Identify any past relaionship that president karzai and/or his family have had w/ key BLA leaders. provide history on the Bugti leadership. Identify any current negotiations between baluchistan/PAK and afghanistan which indicates a project within Baluchistan for natural resources that would want Karzai/Afghanistan to assist them which afghanistan could profit from. Identify any/all reasons why karzai would want to assist baluch seperatists. Identify any baluch seperatists operating within Helmand or Kandahar provinces to acquire weapons/ammunition which will be used to fight in baluchistan..

identify difference of opinions related to the BLA, to include President Karzai not believing the organization to be a terrorist group while the UK has placed the group on its terrorist organization list and the US state department has termed the phras terrorist activities when refering to the groups actions.