Onsequences of the large number of vehicles in the world

Read this title:
Today there are over a billion vehicles in the world, and within twenty years, the number will double, largely a consequence of China and Indias explosive growth. Given that greenhouse gases are already creating havoc with our climate and that violent conflict in unstable oil-rich nations is on the rise, will matters only get worse? Or are there hopeful signs that effective, realistic solutions can be found? (Sperling & Gordon, 2009)
Discuss the effectiveness of solutions to this issue currently being tried around the world.

The task is:
Choose one perspective on the topic and one main argument that could be included in the essay. Draft a single main body paragraph of 200-250 words.
Follow this guidelines:
Guidelines for drafting a body paragraph:
1. State your main argument clearly.
2. Include supporting points in a logical order.
3. Explain or define any key terms or concepts where necessary.
4. Use relevant evidence to support your points from this module or your own research.
5. Ensure that citations are appropriately presented and referenced.
6. Include comment and/or evaluation to make your own stance clear.