Onsequenses Of Non-compliance With The AEDA Lessons Tto Be Learned

Items to be included:

1. Paper should take the perspective of employers who do not comply with the AEDA and what the consequenses are. Cases should be used to support compliance and to show amounts of damages awareded. No more than 5 cases should be used and they can be part of the 15 source requirement.

2. Table of Contents should be included and section headings should be used.

3. No footnotes. Simple numbering of sources throughout paper and then end with bibliography referencing the numbers used in paper.

4. Direct quotes should be in quotations.

5. Sources from the internet should be credible (Newsweek, HR Today, Time, Various Newspapers, Journals). NO BLOG QUOTES. Also, no source should be older than 1995.

6. Paper is due on Saturday November 6, 2005 so I should have on November 5 asap which is 7 days from today.