Onservation 20/20 program: Matanzas and Historic Cottage

Conservation 20/20 program: Matanzas Pass Preserve and Historic Cottage

This is an entry for a journal so please be very creative and write in the first person. Please cover all prompts.

This is a personal reflection that should capture how I felt, what I enjoyed, what I learned on the Matanzas Pass field experience.

Review the field trip objectives for this trip (see the second link) What did I think of the history lecture by Mrs. Hughes? What do I feel is her sense of place and ecological perspective?

Matanzas is part of the Conservation 20/20 program. Do some research online about this program and in your own words, provide an overview of this program and its purpose.

Is this the first time I have heard of the program? (Yes, it is )

Have you been to any of the preserves acquired through this program? ( no, I havent )

What are your thoughts on using tax dollars for land preservation?

Describe your favorite outdoor place or preserve. How would you feel if it was developed on destroyed? (Please describe Tayrona National Natural Park in Colombia )

Are you surprised this spot exists among the tourist and party atmosphere of Fort Myers beach?

Tips about Mrs. Hughes: She is the hostess of the historical cottage museum and the storyteller of Matanzas. Guessing she is about 70. She makes students feel very welcome and offers crackers with cream cheese, Seagrape jelly and homemade lemonade.

Tips about the trip: it was from 9:30 am to 1:30pm (an hour and a half -ridding, an hour attending Mrs. Hughes lectures and hour and half walking through the preserve learning about the nature (mangroves), water and wildlife (oysters, mullets) and taking pictures.

Both links are very helpful.