Onservation focusing on Animal Extinction

In a short essay, think your way through these questions:

Debates continue to rage over conservation issues like logging in National Forests, livestock grazing on public lands, finding water supplies for growing cities, and drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Think of a contemporary issue in your community, or one youve read about in the news concerning nature and conservation.

What are the arguments on both sides of the debate?
In what ways is this issue similar or different to the history of conservation outlined by Hays?
Questions about the wise use of resources may be technical (that is, they may have scientifically right and wrong answers), or they may be largely political.

What assumptions about Natureand economic growth underlie both sides of the debate that youve chosen to focus on?
Do opposing camps have contrary scientific evidence or simply alternate political opinions?
The point of this essay is to invite you to think on paper. It may help you clarify a topic that you could pursue further for your final paper.