Onsider how a currency appreciation might affect national income

the assessor seeks to distinguish between the student that understands a topic, and completes an assessment that reflects their own thoughts on the subject, and the students who outlines key elements of an assessment merely because they are in a textbook under that topic heading and so the ideas of another author. In other words the tutor will be differentiating between understanding, as in the former case, and knowledge, as in the latter case.
-knowing that something occurs directly after something else should be distinguised from knowing WHY that something occurs directly after something else.
-you should demonstrate an understanding of a process that guides the relationship of the two phenomena in question and explain why there is a chain reaction and predict the conditions under which that relationship will hold. This is known as deep learning.

Referencing Requirements:
-piece of length 1250 words ( excluding tables and diagrams)
-you should use macroeconomic analysis when addressing the question in title
-diagrams should be on the last pages of the essay