Onsider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why its important to you

Written as a 22 year old from Texas applying to the University of Wisconsin. Grew up in an upper class suburb of Dallas. Brother and sister (Lydia and Gregory) are twins and adopted from El Paso, Texas. I would like to essay to reflect the way I helped them grow up as their big brother and them never fully appreciating the things that were sacrificed to give them the great life they currently have. Use examples such as missing time to hang out with friends, sitting through their extra curricular activities (soccer, wrestling, and baseball for Gregory and Dance, soccer, volleyball, and lacrosse for Lydia). Being loving and giving as a big brother. In short, the thing that goes unnoticed is the quality of being a great big brother and it is important to me because family is the most important thing in the world.

Onsider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why its important to you.

The topic : Consider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why its important to you.

Personal statement: I studied at a key senior high school which located in Nanjing, my major was humanity because I was good at global history, Chinese and global politics, Marxism philosophy, socialistic economics and geography all of these I got A grades. Unlike other Arts students, Mathematics and statistics were my strengths as well. During high school and secondary school years, I joined summer camps to Canada and Australia, which inspired thoughts of oversea study life.
After graduated from high school I had a long summer holiday. Without university diploma and professional career experience, I could not get any specialized jobs which linked directly to my major, as a high school graduator I just found some part-time jobs, restaurant waitress, milk tea shop assistant, SuGuo supermarket saleswoman, and China Life Insurance Company operator. Depend on my convincing sales pitch and understanding of consumer psychology, I achieved good sales performance in supermarket and insurance company, which brought a strong sense of achievement. Fortunately, these work experience let me confirm that business and economics are the most suitable subjects for me. Business pay attention to practice, however the economics is more theoretical, I consider that the relationship between these two subjects is that economic provide an efficient way and analyzing marketing situation to address the business issues. Then I chose go abroad to Netherlands to continuous my study. This year is foundation year of Han Hogeschool, my major is IBMS (International Business Management Study), which includes Statistics, accounting, logistic, marketing, Business project and the second language. I satisfied with my current study life. But my score is not satisfactory because I failed marketing and Finance.
Chinese students in my school tend to learn Dutch as the second language while I opted for Spanish. It is not only one of the most popular languages in the world but a useful and beautiful language as well. South American has large market, a vast number of customers and many job opportunities. I am a lucky person who can go abroad and accept the higher education. Thus, I have obligation to help others and repay society. After graduate from university I will be a volunteer in Argentina where I can help children who live in poverty to learn English and other subjects. Hope they can change their life by the way of learning knowledge. Meanwhile I could practice my Spanish and enjoy Argentina culture. After one year, I will go back to my mother country and work in a local bank or company, for a businessman in China Spanish is very practical to help me get a well-paid career.
To be honest, I admit that I am not clever but working hard with stupendous stamina. After attend high school, I spent most of time on studying and reviewing in the library. Although heavy academic pressure and long time study force me to give up my hobbies, I still keep habitat to playing volleyball. At high school I joined school team and got the second place. Different with other sports just rely on individualas ability, volleyball cultivates my capability of collaboration.
Since a very early age I enjoy reading books during spare time. For example, Pride and Prejudice that depicts vivid and distinct characters written by Jane Austen. I am fascinated with meticulous depiction of countryside and beautiful scenery.

Now I am study in Miami University, My major is accounting.

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This essay is for my university application ( university of Wisconsin Madison)

Onsider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why its important to you.

what i consider is everything that we buy like gadgets, cars , all the electronic we just buy but what is left unnoticed is how they were made it is important to me that how everything works the other thing that goes unnoticed in my life is time, even though i keep a track of it but when i say time its that everything went by si fast and we never realize unless we take a peace moment and sink into our past these are my two ideas and about me i want be a mechanical engineer hope this information helps