Onsider the claims that Baudelaire makes and the points of argument that he makes

i?? Study the attached photograph i?? Alfred Stieglitzi??s Portrait of Georgia Oi??Keeffe (1922). Then read the attached text from Charles Baudelaire i?? a letter to his mother from 1859, in which Baudelaire sets forth his opinion of the gains and losses of photography, and of photographyi??s relationship to the practice of i??art.i??
o Consider the claims that Baudelaire makes and the points of argument that he makes in order to support those claims. (Be patient and read Baudelairei??s letter carefully; it is dense and may contain unfamiliar terms and ideas. Indeed I recommend that you skim the letter a couple of times in order to prepare your mind for its various terms and ideas before you begin to read the letter word-for-word from beginning to end.)
i?? Now look back at the Stieglitz photograph and decide how Baudelaire would have responded to it.
o Would he have approved of it? If so, why or for what reason?
o Would he have disapproved of it? If so, why or for what reason?
o What qualifies Stieglitzi??s photograph as i??arti?? and what disqualifies it? Or what
qualifies it as something other than i??art?i??
i?? Now Compose your thoughts into an essay of two pages in length (full formatting requirements are provided below).
o Be specific.
! Use simple, concrete observations of the photograph to construct your essay and support your ideas. Doni??t shy away from patient, rigorous, highly specific descriptions of the photograph!
! Likewise, use references to specific ideas and statements from Baudelairei??s letter. There is no need for page numbers, parenthetical citations, footnotes, or a bibliography. You should, however, use quotation marks any time you quote Baudelairei??s letter directly. Quotation marks are unnecessary in instances in which you paraphrase or summarize his statements.
o Be careful about not trying to do (or say) too much in your two pages of text. Keep your ideas simple and straightforward and then explain and support them thoroughly and precisely. It is better, in this case, to make fewer claims and to support those claims well than to make many intriguing claims on which you are unable to follow through with supporting observations and explanation.
One final instruction: Consult no materials beyond the Baudelaire letter and the Stieglitz photograph. Additional research into Baudelaire or Stieglitz is, for the purposes of this assignment, unnecessary and a waste of time that would better be spent analyzing the attached letter and photograph carefully.
Alfred Stieglitz, Portrait of Georgia Oi??Keeffe, 1922