Onsider the extent to which burden of proofs conflict with the presumption of innocence in English Law.

Research from a variety of primary and secondary sources

Must be up to date research

Critical analysis/evaluation of the topic and any research findings (weather independent 0or precis of those of others)

Personal Commentary and analysis in relation to quotes and commentaries from these sources

Consideration of a range of solutions in relation to aspects of the relevant topic, where relevant

An evaluation of the topic in its historical, political, social and economic context, where relevant;

And comparison with other jurisdiction where relevant.

It must be persuasive with authority to substantiate points and rigorous reasoning. It must also be logically structured and clearly expressed.

Word limit of 5000 words. Foot notes should be used sparingly and appropriately;

Abbreviation counts towards word limit for example,  i.e counts as two words, 40% counts as two words, Johnson PM counts as three words.

Quotation from cases, statutes or any other source all count towards the word limit

Diagrams are permitted, but all words and abbreviation on the diagram counts towards the word limit

Foot notes should generally only be used for citations and references, which do not count towards the word limit

Bibliography does not count towards the word limit