Onsider the strengths of any civil claims that may be available for Jane, Bob, Sam, Dave and Mel to pursue?

Contract Law and Tort Law Problem:

Andy found just the car he wanted at HOTMOTORS garage. He was advised by the salesman, Bob, that it had had only one careful owner, a new gear box and had only done 10,000 miles. Andyas friend Sam says that the car is a bargain and looks in good mechanical order, so Andy buys it for A?8,000. On driving home, Andy tries to stop at a junction, but his brakes do not appear to work properly, and unable to stop in time, he dents the car in front belonging to Jane.

A month later after experiencing several problems with the car, including unusual wear on the tyres requiring 4 new ones at the cost of A?360, Andy takes it back to the garage, but due to a backlog of work they cannot fix Andyas problems. Dave, the mechanic looks at the car and says the car is not worth working on as, amongst other things, it has done 100,000 miles and needs a new engine as well as a new gear box. He says it is only worth A?40 as scrap, and gives Andy a bill for A?150. Andy refuses to pay.

Andy is so angry that he drives to Samas house and smashes into his new BMW parked in the drive causing A?3,000 worth of damage. The incident causes Sam to suffer a prolonged bout of depression. Andy then drives off to HOTMOTORS and on finding Bob, he punches him on the nose and calls him a liar. Bobas wife, Mel, on coming into the garage, sees her husband covered in blood and faints, hitting her head on the floor. Her injuries cause her permanent memory loss and Bobas experience leaves him nervous with strangers and he has to leave his job.

Please use cases and statutes. Use this to guideline the essay. Include many cases from books of Tort Law, Contract Law and english legal system.