Onsider the two quotations mentioned in the order instructions and discuss the discussion of a Blends”.

Consider the two quotations below and discuss the discussion of a Blends”. Try to explain the existence of these two contradictory views (You do not need necessarily to discuss the sources for these quotations):

(a) It does not follow that all metaphors are blends”
In Cognitive Linguistics, Vyvyan Evans, Melanie C. Green, p. 429

(b) Arguably, all metaphors are blends because the very power of a metaphor comes from the juxtaposition of ideas from different domains.”
In Designing with Blends: Conceptual Foundations of Human-Computer Interaction and Software Engineering, Manuel Imaz and David Benyon, MIT Press CISnet, p. 62

NB: You should take the definitions and discussions in Kovecses textbook and other writings by cognitive linguists as your point of departure in discussing these questions. Please illustrate your answer with quotations or example sentences: for clarity, it is recommended that you follow the conventions used by Kovecses and other cognitive linguists in representing conceptual metaphors and metonymies by BLOCK CAPITALS.

About the essay:
-Stick with the definition first, then start with the easy cases, then more difficult ones. Then conclusiondiscuss whether you agree or disagree the views and state that why people think that there are distinctions.
-except example like  SURGEON IS BUTCHER , is there any other examples?
-Is it necessary to have generic space?