Onsider the use of landscape in Venetian painting at the beginning of the sixteenth century.

The essay is based on the use of landscape in Renaissance Venice at the beginning of the 16th century. This MUST be the time frame used in the paper, no earlier and no later than early 16th century.

Venetian Renaissance had a lot of Netherlandish / Flemish art influence because of its use of landscapes which would have been adopted by Bellini and influnenced by Durer, which would then go on to influence works by Giorgione and Titian.

I would like the main argument of the paper to consist of works by Titian and Giorgione. Obviously this will have to focus on Titians earlier work, no later than 1515.

There needs to be a good formed argument with exampled by Titian and Giorgione but also the influences of Bellini and Durer.

Durer visited Venice at 1 point so this could be significent in the Renaissance Venice aesthetical history.

The paper must be written in context of aesthetics, historical and perhaps social if possible.

This should not just a paper with lists of descriptive images, this must be a level 6 paper of at least higher 2nd class standard.

Discuss what uses were landscapes for in these paintings, what were their purposes? were they just a mere emergence from 15th century Netherlandish art?


word count should not be any more than 25% of the original word count please.

Try to use an art theorists opinions or journals if there are any around, but base most sources on primary and a small amount on secondary sources

Referencing Requirements:
I have provided a book list which should be used in the referencing.
It is paramount that foot notes are used as reference type in the paper and no other way of referencing.

Try to focus on using primary sources rather than secondary sources:

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