Onsider when, how and why researchers might use qualitative and quantitative approaches in their research with children and young people.

Consider when, how and why researchers might use qualitative and quantitative approaches in their research with children and young people.
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TMA 02 covers your study of Block 2, Units 7 to 12 inclusive. In Block 2, Unit 12, you will have started to think through the decisions that a researcher needs to make in order to successfully plan and carry out a small-scale research project. This assignment asks you to draw on these thoughts and relate them to the broader context of qualitative and quantitative research. The assignment has also been structured in order to enable you to begin to develop a range of independent literature searching skills, which will help you to research and write TMA 03 and your project at the end of the module.
TMA 02 asks you to include material from an external source (a research article) alongside the module materials in your answer. You will be required to locate and access this article by searching for the journal title in the electronic journals (ejournals) list on the OU Library website. You may find it helpful to revisit Block 1, Unit 6, Activity 3 (Part 2) in which you were introduced to One stop search.
All the information you need to find this article is provided in the reference for it given in the option guidance below. Once you have accessed the correct journal website, you must navigate to the correct volume and issue and locate the correct article. You should download this article and makes some notes about it to help you complete the assignment.
You should use this source, alongside the materials in the Module Reader, to construct an answer to the question. Please note that you are being asked to comment on at least three sources in this TMA: at least two sources will come from the module materials mentioned in the TMA guidance; the other source must be the journal article you have been directed to below.
Suggested approach
The main sources of material for this assignment are:
a? Block 2, Units 7 to 12 (including relevant A/V materials)
a? Module Reader Chapters 6 to 10
If you are an early years student, please refer to the following article:
Stephen, C., Stevenson, O. and Adey, C. (2013) Young children engaging with technologies at home: The influence of family context, Journal of Early Childhood Research, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 149a 64.
For all other students, please refer to the following article:
Estrada, E. (2013) Changing household dynamics: Childrenas American generational resources in street vending markets, Childhood, vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 51a 65.
This question asks you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of qualitative and quantitative methods in relation to research involving, or about, children and young people. Both approaches have distinct features and utilise a range of methods for data collection. Qualitative and quantitative approaches can share data-collection instruments, such as interview and observation. However, the ways in which these methods are employed reflect the difference in the purposes of quantitative and qualitative research. Carrying out research about children and young people will present particular possibilities and challenges in choosing either qualitative or quantitative methods. It is important to consider when researchers can use either approach,how researchers can employ different methods to collect data and answer research questions, and why researchers have made the decision to choose a particular approach. When developing your argument is important to consider how methods of data collection are shaped by research approach and rationale.
You have considered some of the differences between quantitative and qualitative research in Units 7 to 11 of the Study Guide. In Unit 12 you created your own research plan, drawing on the different methods and approaches set out for you in Block 2, culminating in a short online tutor-group activity. Before planning your TMA answer, you may find it useful to revisit the work you did in Unit 12 and the responses posted by you and your peers in your online activity.
Suggested structure
a? There are two ways of structuring this assignment. On the one hand, you might like to consider qualitative and quantitative research in two separate sections of the assignment, working through when, how and why researchers might use a quantitative approach and then when, why and how researchers might use a qualitative approach. On the other hand, you might prefer to compare and contrast the ways that researchers make use of each approach, considering when, how and why different research is used.
a? In both of the above approaches to answering this question, you should make full use of, and reference to, relevant module materials as well as the research paper relevant to your area of study.