Onsider whether Health Impact Assessment would be worthwhile for the Lancashire County Councilas transport strategy for 2011-2021.

The accompanying Consultation Draft outlines the Lancashire County Councilai??i??s transport strategy for 2011-2021.

Drawing from the theory of Health Impact Assessment and the guidelines given below, consider whether a Health Impact Assessment would be worthwhile for this plan.

Your consideration should include the following:

1. An exploration of the key impacts of the plan on the health of the affected communities/populations (positive and negative)

2. An identification of the key partners involved with the delivery of the plan

3. An evaluation of the extent to which the transport plan addresses health inequalities present in the local area

4. A final judgement of whether to proceed with a Health Impact Assessment, and if so what type

Your Assignment:
Central Lancashire Highways and Transport Masterplan

This is a Consultation Document asking for feedback from stakeholders before the plan is finalised and implemented. The document puts forward three options to address the growing travel needs of the area. Options 1 and 2 are not really viable, therefore focus on option 3 for your assignment. The document gives aims and objectives and identifies some of the stakeholders/interested parties and some of the impacts of the proposed developments ai??i?? BUT NOT ALL. Many are implied and you must read between the lines to identify ALL the possible stakeholders, and ALL the health impacts. All the information you need to do this are in your lecture notes, lecture powerpoints, the plan itself, and the independent reading you will be doing.

Assignment Content and Structure

1. Read the question several times to make sure you understand what you are being asked to do and ensure you know the relevant sections in the plan itself. Look at what the detail implies and question what might be missing. 2. Your assignment should have a clear beginning, middle and end. 3. Address each of the consideration points given in the assignment but do so in an analytical way ai??i?? avoid being descriptive. 4. It is CRUCIAL that you draw from the theory of HIA to support your decision of whether to proceed or not with a HIA. 5. You will need to acquire additional knowledge/learning over and above what has been given in lectures if you are to produce a good assignment ai??i?? it is not enough to work only from the narrow amount of knowledge covered today. 6. Therefore you will have to read more about the theory and practical application of HIAs (of course this extra reading will provide you with the evidence to support and strengthen your arguments (your references).