Onsider whether it would be appropriate for the government to use demand management policies to promote economic growth in the United Kingdom

What is the current and forecast level of economic growth within the United kingdoms economy?
a? Explain what the economic growth is, use GDP to help explain -
a? Explain the current level of economic growth within the uk
a? What is the current level of economic growth
a? Explain the forecast level of economic growth
a? What is the forecast level of economic growth
a? Introduce policies

How would increased government spending influence economic activity (advantages and disadvantages?
a? Explain what question means
a? State the Keynesian demand management policies
a? Explain usefulness of Keynesian
a? Advantages/Disadvantages of Key policy
a? State the Fiscal policy
a? Explain usefulness of Fiscal policy
a? Advantages/Disadvantages of Fiscal policy

include circular flow income, aggregate demand and aggregate supply here

What other policies could government use to increase the level of economic growth?
a? What polices are already in place
a? What do they do?
a? Why do we need to increase economic growth?
a? Explain monetary policy a include determination of interest rates using demand for money and supply of money (where two intersect determines interest rates) (transactionary precautionary and speculative)
a? Explain monetary transmission mechanism a include marginal efficient of investment schedule.
a? Explain potential supply side policies (classic approach)
a? How useful is supply side policies for improving economic growth
a? Explain differences between Keynesian and monetarist assumptions
a? How do Keynesian and Monetarist influence economic growth in current context
a? Which assumptions are most appropriate
a? Why are these assumptions appropriate
a? Explain what quantitative easing is (way of expanding money supply expand money supply lead to inflation increase on expenditure)
a? Explain the advantages and disadvantages

What actions do you consider the UK government should take in the current economic context, and explain the reasons for your answer?
a? State my action
a? Explain my actions
a? Any consequences of actions?

The references must be English and the essay must be about the united kingdom demand management policies.