Onsider your characteras biography and create a speech that explores your characteras perspective on the Iowa City Under 21 Ordinance.:

My character is an International student whose name is Hyunmin Lee.

Hyunmin Lee is an international student with F1 student visa and he came here to earn bacheloras degree in University of Iowa. This is his first year in the school. He is currently majoring in Business. He was born in July 10th, 1993 in Seoul, South Korea, and grew up with his one older brother under the liberal parental roof. He loves drinking with his friends in bars in South Korea especially bars around his home. South Korea drinking age is 19 (Wikipedia) and the legal drinking age is not strictly enforced in South Korea. He graduated elementary, middle, and high school in South Korea. His home is located in Yongsan where US ARMY Post is right next to his home. So he get to meet a lot of American soldiers in the bars and restaurants and made friends with them. And one of his best American soldier friend is actually from University of Iowa and talked about how amazing bars are in Iowa City. So he decide to go to University of Iowa right after graduating high. It was his first time being far away from his family and staying outside of South Korea.
As an international student studying in a foreign country, Hyunmin struggled at first because of homesick, and loneliness and fatigue from studying. However, once he visited the bars in downtown that his friend mentioned, it washes all of them away. He was fascinated by the food served in the bar, the music and sports broadcasting and it actually relaxes him and make him feel like he is back in South Korea. For these reasons, he goes to bar whenever he finish all of his assignments that are due. However, most of the time he finished his work after 10 oaclock. So, he decide to borrow his Korean friendas passport who is over 21. Since the bouncer and the police do not distinguish the difference between Asian faces; in this case his friendas picture in the passport and actual Hyunminas face, he always gets away with it but on the other hand, he is challenging American Law system. Even though he has his friendas id, he doesnat drink in the bar because He already got caught multiple times and he has paid fine totaled $5000. He had been caught twice underage drinking on campus by the hall RAs but thankfully the school did not report it to the Iowa City police department. In the beginning of the semester, he was arrested by police officer in off campus in his Korean friendsa party for underage drinking. The police gave him a ticket and he needs to go to court after. Right now, he is not sure if he get caught again for being in the bar after 10 as underage, is he going to going to be kicked out of school and deport back to South Korea.

My character is opposed of iowa city under 21 ordinance.

Here is my assignment instructins

Consider your characteras biography and create a speech that explores your characteras perspective on the Under 21 Ordinance. Important elements to include and questions to consider:
a? Opinion*: This portion of the speech may be given in character. How does your character feel about the Under-21 Ordinance? How does it affect their daily lives? Using specific examples from your short biography make connections between your characteras background and their perspective on the ordinance. Go beyond pro/con: your characteras perspective on the ordinance should be nuanced. What elements of the controversy are most important to their perspective? Any statement should be backed with an idea of how and why it is true for the character.
a? Action*: This portion of the speech may also be given in character. What action, if any they would take? This action could range from voting, and spreading their opinion to organizing a response in the community. How would your character express their perspective on the ordinance?

*Think of both the Opinion and Action portion of the speech as a speech given by the character convincing the audience (our class) of their opinion or a as a neutral observer describing a speech like this.

a? Rhetorical Analysis: This should be at least half of your speech. This portion should be done as a neutral observer, even if you have chosen to give the first part of your speech in character. What is their message/purpose? What rhetorical strategies are at play in your characters expressions of their perspective (pathos/logos/ethos)? How are they using rhetorical appeals to convince us of their opinion? What assumptions are they making of their audience and the controversy? How does the context of the current environment of Iowa City and their personal history influence their message?