Onsiderations in Selection of Country and Product/Service

Considerations in Selection of Country and Product/Service
Choose a country to analyze (other than the United States). There are initial considerations about the choice of country. A high level of interest in a particular country is a good starting point, but some countries simply do not support the introduction of foreign businesses. A notable example is Zimbabwe, where there is zero Foreign Direct Investment moving in or out of the country. Another example is North Korea, where the society and economy is closed to outsiders in general. While researching the culture of the country, other factors may also preclude doing business there. Do not choose a country where international business is not possible.
Beyond country considerations, there is a great deal of flexibility in the focus of the paper, including the specific type of product or service to offer, whether it is an expansion of a specific business or a start-up, whether the operation under analysis will be manufacturing/assembly for export into other markets, retail sales or service in the local market, or both, and the selection will effect which factors need to be evaluated in the analysis.
Overall Paper Format
The overall format of the document is APA (6th edition). There will be a cover page, abstract, executive summary, 10 12 pages of text (3000 to 3600 words) with the use of section headers for key topics, a reference page, and appendices.
Overall Outline of Paper:
Title Page
Executive Summary
Body of Paper:
Introductory Statement, ending in thesis statement
Sections of paper discussing factors under analysis (see discussion below)
Statement of Analysis
Appendices (map of country is minimum, can also include charts/graphs, etc.)
Descriptions of Assignments
The paper is submitted as different elements, sequentially, throughout the course: the thesis statement, the annotated bibliography, the final paper, and a narrated PPT summarization.
Thesis Statement/Purpose
The first assignment for writing the paper is the creation of a thesis, or purpose, statement. The thesis statement is a few sentences, written concisely, that states the purpose of the document. Mentally framing the paper by creation of a thesis statement helps the writer know what to talk about and helps the reader know why to read the paper. Many excellent papers are written about the wrong thesis, likely because the writer did not have the purpose and the target reader clearly in mind. Clear focus on the thesis also helps in researching for the paper, both on evaluating material for what to include and what to omit. Read the detailed content requirements for the paper, explained below, to develop the thesis statement.
For an explanation about writing a thesis statement and examples, see Appendix A.