Onsidering Censorship: Paper Assignment One

Considering Censorship: Paper Assignment One

In this paper you will argue for your own particular definition of censorship, supporting your definition with evidence and examples.

Explaining Your Definition of Censorship
In this paper, I expect you to thoughtfully and thoroughly explore the meaning of censorship, resulting in a definition that provides concrete examples, incorporates your personal experience, and quotes from Ian Ingliss article The Ed Sullivan Show and the (Censored) Sounds of the Sixties. As we have seen, different people have different ideas about what censorship is and how it should be used, so remember that in defining censorship you are making an argument for your own point of view.

Paper Requirements
1. Your argument should be based on logic and reason. Defend your position!
2. Incorporate The Ed Sullivan Show article in the form of quotation analysis and example. Quote at least once from Inglis, making sure to explain why you agree or disagree. Refer to one example of censorship from Inglis as well. As you are writing for a general, academic audience, dont assume that your reader is familiar with this article. Introduce your source before using it.
3. Give at least three concrete examples to support your definition of censorship. One should be from the Inglis article, and one should be from your personal experience. The other can be something general or a specific incident, but do not include specific examples weve already discussed in class.
4. You should argue persuasively and in an interesting manner.
5. Your paper must be at least three pages (to the bottom of the page or close) and no longer than five pages, double-spaced.

What Im Looking For
Your ability to write clearly. Avoid vague or wordy language. It is important to spend time revising. Read your paper out loud if it helps.
Your ability to argue convincingly. The reader needs to be convinced by what
you say, which means that you should provide evidence and good examples.
Your ability to incorporate course readings and ideas. This includes referring to and quoting from The Ed Sullivan Show, as stated above.
Your ability to organize your thoughts in writing. This is not a free-response paper where you simply voice your opinions, but is rather a formal chance to show what youve learned through writing a convincing definition with concrete examples. Pay attention to how you organize your paragraphs. Are they in logical order? When you read it through, does the paper make sense?
Your ability to meet the assignment. Double check that youve met all the requirements listed above, and see me (or e-mail) if you need help.

you have to edit the essay which you had writen for me and add the requirements.
no more than 5 pages and you have to take a quote fro this article Ed Sullivan Show and the (Censored) Sounds of the Sixties

and i will attach everythins which we have use it on this paper.

Onsidering Censorship: Paper Assignment One

this is 1 of the major essay, i want this essay to be proper in details. this essay must be about my opinion on censorship in general and it has to contain quotes and research from an article. this is my opinion i wrote about censorship in my first essay…”
This act of censorship caused me to think objectively of censorship. The stringent measures put in place to ensure compliance to the set rules proved effective for censorship. The need to seek information, comply with censorship measures, and the importance of the actual censorship process dawned on me”…..now please read the article i attached and the requirements the instructor gave that i will attach to. I wont to you also to include that i do approve censorship in a manner where it prevents preforms or individuals from offending people or even nations.
please dont attach my name or the writers name, email me the writers ID instead
thank you