Onsidering the Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT), in what ways have you encountered this theory in your own life?

One page, single spaced. No title needed at the top of the page.

Objective: To apply intercultural communication theoretical concepts to reallife situations. Draw from social, historical, political, personal and/or popular culture contexts to offer support

Length and Format:
i?¶ 1 Page, single-Spaced
i?¶ Use 12-Pt FontTimes, Times New Roman, Arial, or Helvetica
i?¶ Include your name in the header and save file as: you last name and TP2
(There is no need for you to repeat your name and paper title within the paper.)

Writing Expectations:
i?¶ Arguments raised should be credible, consistent, and coherent.
i?¶ Attach a reference page if citing sources (Use APA 6th ed.)
i?¶ Papers should be free from spelling and grammatical errors.
i?¶ Paper should meet the page length parameters.