Onsidering the role of biological and social factors, discuss the main challenges associated with Adulthood.

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Essay Question 3: Considering the role of biological and social factors, discuss the main challenges associated with Adulthood.

Introduction There are many (difficult Delete the adjective.) periods in life that one goes through at different times. From the moment we take our first breath to our last. From Infancy to childhood to puberty all the way to adulthood And old age . In this essay I will be discussing the main challenges associated with adulthood. What role Nature and Nurture have on the Individual And on these challenges . What role gender may play, what are Social and Biological factors and in which way they influence adults and how these factors affect a person during this age period. I will go into detail about biological factors that both genders go through. Example women go through menopause, the changes and the impact it has. I will also be discussing the phases men go through when they go through a midlife crisis. For social factors I will mention examples like being economically stable and self-sufficient and the pressure one feels if there stable image in society changes. Following in the main body all these points will be fully analyzed and explained .Good introduction. Should define main concepts: adulthood (early and middle), nature, nurture, nature-nurture debate.

Main Body
These are the subjects that I will expand on in the main body of this essay and in which order they will be following in. This shall be the structure of this essay and how I will be answering the essay question.
1. Adulthood Definition The different stages of adulthood. Early Adulthood, Approximately between 20 and 40 years .Middle Adulthood, Approximately between 40 and 65 years.stages verses critical events.
2a. Definition for Nature / Definition for Nurture Strengths& weaknesses of each & comparison.
2b. Nature and Nurture in Adulthood How each effects a person once they are an adult .
2c. Nature a Nurture and gender How each effects both genders. Example men are more aggressive than women. How men are expected to be more self-sufficient then women
3. Gender and Adulthood How differently does adulthood affect men and women.
4a. Definition of what are biological factors are Anything which affects the function and behavior of a person. Internally, this factor can be a physical, physiological, chemical, neurological, or genetic condition which causes a psychological effect .(Review evidence on biological influences a should direct these to the essay topic a main challenges associated with adulthood.)
4b. Biological factors in Adulthood Like the effect different hormones can cause in an adult. One example being aggression in men and the effect of menopause has on women.
5a. Definition of what are social factors are Anything which affects the function and behavior of a person due to lifestyle, such as religion, family or wealth and social status. Social factors affect how we behave in social situations(Not so much the definition a this should go in the Introduction a but a review of how these factors have an influence on the challenges associated with adulthood.)
5b. Social factors in Adulthood Like divorce and the impact in causes to an individualas stability. Employment and loss of employment and its effects.a?
Conclusion In the conclusion I will be closing this essay by summarizing the main points from the main body. Answering the Essay question and I shall be making some recommendations on how the individual can acknowledge and understand these challenges so in order to move past (Based on your review of the literature / evidence, how do these factors influence the challenges associated with Adulthood? Consider the weight of both Biology and the Environment (society, culture). Provide a balanced conclusion.)