Onsidering Ways in which community college students in Los Angeles in 2005 are oppressed by social norms, laws, and Customs

Instructions from Professor:
Keep in mind that we are trying to learn more about the way today s community college student think on a variety of issued. In Addition, your essay should be driven by an argumentative thesis statement; an opinion about the subject, which you believe, will stimulate intellectual debate. TYPE THEIS THESIS STATEMENT IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Your thesis statement should be supported by three supportive arguments. Underline each of your arguments.

Your paper must draw extensively from A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gains, to demonstrate to the reader that you have an accurate understanding of Gaines philosophy. To accomplish this, you must be able to show that Gaines supports each of your arguments thematically by using at least three quotes from widely different places in his text.

Attach all prewriting materials. Doubled spaced standard 12-point font. 1 margins all around.