Onstitution: Revolutionary or Counterrevolutionary?

Students will submit a documented research paper of at least 4 pages of text, (plus endnotes on the end of the paper: Notes”)
You must use at least 4 secondary sources by historians in the field and one primary source.

Ive already come across some interesting secondary sources, which i think should be used:
The Critical Period of American History (1888)
Beardas An Economic Interpretation of the United States (1913)
Robert Brown + Forrest McDonald
Gordon Woodas Creation of the American Republic (1969)

I would like to argue what make the first historians think as the constituiton as revolutionary, the later ones as counterrevolutionary, but i wanna come to conclude that even though the Const. came from traditional elites, it did represented a bold experiment and was revolutionary in many ways, inspiring other countries.