Onstitutional and adminstrative law (Conventions)

PLease see attached document.

Appart from that by writing the essay please make sure you write about these:

Definition of convention: explain the definition by giving quotes and explain what they mean.
Give exmaples why conventions follow
Tell ,why conventions are breached and their strenghts.
Please look and use this book ( Barnett,H. Constitutional and Adminstrative Law (2010))
Also Use this book: Bradley And Ewing, Constitutional and Adminstrative Law (2010).

Again please look at the attached document and follow all the instructions in regards to the Essay. PLEAS IGNOR ANY INSTRUCTIONS REGARDS TO THE PRESENTATION.

Also please use the best writer for this piece, who has knowledge about the English Constitutional and Adminstrative law.

PLease see attached document and ONLY USE UK SOURCES and ONLY REFERENCE TO UK LAW, Case, Acts etc….