Onstitutional Freedoms in the Law Enforcement Workplace

The paper is NOT to be a story of of personal opinion of the topic. Your writing is to be a scholarly article that is based on extensive research, with particular emphasis on an analysis of leading, noteworthy or relevant cases.The completed research paper should typed in MS Word 12 point font only, in a double-spaced format, with footnotes and bilbliographic references. The paper will be evaluated based on the following criteria:1) Thoroughness/Analysis: How extensively does the paper develop the issues? Does the student show depth and understanding of the subject, or is the analysis superficial? Does the paper clearly identify its focus and logically analyze and discuss the topic? Is the paper scholarly rather than an opinion piece?2) Scholarly Quality: Does the assignment meet acceptable graduate level standards with respect to form, organization and substance? Are ideas presented in a clear and concise manner? Are there typographical, spelling, or grammatical errors?3) Use of Sources and Authority: Is it apparent from the work that the student quoted, cited, and used the various authorities appropriately?