Onstitutional Issues in Criminal Procedures

Constitutional Issues in Criminal Procedures
Unit 1
Due Date for Submission To Class: 11/15/14

Please note that you are required to support your views by citing your sources in all assignments. Even if the question asks for your opinion, you are still expected to support your opinion with references to published works and other materials. APA Format is necessary for your assignments when citing references, and assistance on how to do so is available using the APA Citation Center.

Deliverable Length: 10 paragraphs

Use your knowledge to develop the circumstances and details involved in a federal case against a fictitious criminal offender. In your assignment, provide a description of the criminal offender, including the type of crime committed and the charge handed down by law enforcement.

Then, explain the circumstances and details of the federal case tracing the chronological events from lowest possible level to the U.S. Supreme Court.

NOTE: Minimal of 5 APA in-text citations and references is a must. This is 35% of your grade. You must cite court cases as well as statues.

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