Onstruct a creative marketing strategy (text and supporting visuals) for a John Lewis or Fenwicks

BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing February 2015
FASH503 Fashion Marketing Strategies Tutor: Stephanie Liberman
Assessment 1 Create a new Marketing Strategy for a Department Store
In this first assessment you will work through a number of workshops in class looking at marketing campaigns for a variety of organisations. Starting with market positioning analysis, primary and secondary research, and examining different business strategies you will create your own marketing strategy for either John Lewis or Fenwicks and explain how this will be launched.
Construct a creative marketing strategy (text and supporting visuals) for a John Lewis or Fenwicks
The assessment must be a new initiative for your chosen company. The report must contain evidence of primary and secondary research and original imagery. Your primary research needs to include a survey and details of your own visits to your chosen retailer and suitable competitors and interviews with customers and store staff. Your secondary research needs to include references to published market research, articles, websites and books. The strategy needs to communicate your idea and you will also need to explain how this campaign will be launched to drive the chosen business forward and what success will look like. The launch needs to be considered within a time frame and the expected results. All text and images need to be clearly referenced in the report and bibliography using the Harvard referencing system.
Word length: 2000-2500
Individual submission: 70% of module
i will send the slides that was taught in the class weekly that must be used in preparing this assignment.

9. Key reading list
Davis Burns, Leslie/Mullet, Kathy K./Bryant, Nancy O. (2011) The Business of Fashion: Designing, Manufacturing and Marketing. Fairchild Books, 4the edition
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please also look at phenix annual report on their website.
please use

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the weekly material thought in class that must be used in preparing this assignment is attached.

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more instruction is attached:

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please do look at many thanks and please contact me if further instruction is needed. for this assignment we need 2000 words essay and 10 slides of powerpoint.

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hello, you also need to look at 7PS and BCG matrix. you need to identify the opportunities and weaknesses and improve femwicks customer base and generate more revenue. the purpose of this assignment is to look at ways and suggest marketing strategy for example, expansion, e commerce, m commerce, crating own brand, maybe have a food chain, improve customer services….. it has to be creative. you need to look at john lewis for example and see what they are doing or harvey nichols or house of fraser which are main competitors of fenwicks and find what is lacking in fenwicks marketing strategy.
you need to look at their annual reports etc

please do let me know if you need more clarification.