Onstruct a Management plan to improve management provision at a particular organisation such as a leisure center or hotel…

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I need a masters thesis proposal written (2,500 words) for my Masters degree in MA Management. I initially intended to write something with regards to the management of a housing association (such as a halls of residence for students). However, my professor has been rejecting my attempts as I was mainly talking about the actual characteristics of the organisation rather than constructing a management plan to address and improve management issues within the organisation. Therefore, I need a paper written on a specific organisation in the housing sector such as a hotel, a halls of residence, or apartment complex, or even a leisure center. which may be a little easier to use in order to address key management issues that have been covered by the taught part of the masters management course. Therefore, as soon as you can give me the go ahead for this paper, I can upload an attachment with the module handbook of the course that has specific requirements of the dissertation proposal of 2,500 words. I actually feel that if a good management related hypothesis is picked with regards to a leisure center type organisation, it may be easier to incorporate the various issues that need to be adressed. Obviously, my ultimate intentions are to use your reputable service for the actual dissertation as well, on a later date.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your attention and help. I look forward to hearing from you.

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