Onstruct an essay that articulates what you think has been the most important cultural development over the last 30 years.

#5 Locate primary and secondary sources in the library and on the internet; distinguish between the two types of historical sources and, in
essay form, critically evaluate each.
#1 Communication: Use language and non-verbal modes of expression appropriate to the audience and purpose.
#2 Cognition: Use critical thinking skills to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate ideas and information.
#3 Information Competency: Utilize research skills necessary to achieve educational, professional, and personal objectives.

Construct an essay that articulates what you think has been the most important cultural development over the last 30 years.

Organize and create an analytical and cogent response to the above question. Guidelines to creating this essay question must be strictly adhered to as stipulated below:
1. AT LEAST TWO (2) FULL pages (excluding the endnotes and bibliography page), double-spaced*
2. 12 point font*
3. Times new roman, no bold, no italics
4. 1a? margins top, left, right, and bottom*
5. Left a?justificationa?
6. You must have a minimum of four (4) different sources. Out of those 4 sources at least two (2) should be primary sources (Your textbooks DO NOT count).
7. Absolutely NO internet sources or web sites (UNLESS they come from the LAHC Library database, are scholarly journals, primary sources, or e-books or if the website is credible and authentic)
8. You must cite all your work using Chicago Manual of Style formatting (CMS)*
9. You need a separate endnotes page*
10. You need a separate bibliography page (your bibliography should be further subdivided into a primary sources section and a secondary sources section)*
11. There should be NO heading, title, title page, page number, name, date, student number, etc. NONE of this information should appear anywhere on your essay.
12. DEADLINE (Your essay must be submitted to TURNITIN.COM. There are no exceptions to this) a. Essay due: BEFORE 10:00 p.m. Friday December 12, 2014 (NO EXCEPTIONS! NO EXCUSES!)*
13. You will be assessed on the following parameters
a. Organization
b. Content and your ability to illuminate evidence in an even and balanced manner.
c. Correct use of primary sources
d. Ability to follow directives and proper formatting and citations
14. Any deviation from the above guidelines will result in a loss of at least 50% of the overall possible points for this assignment on top of other point subtractions. Items with an asterisk (*) at the end will result in an automatic zero
15. Any form of plagiarism, whether intended or unintended, will result in an automatic zero.
16. The instructor will not accept nor grade your paper (along with receiving an automatic zero) for ANY of the following reasons:
a. Turning in the essay late, one second after the due date
b. Not writing the minimum required pages
c. Not having a notes AND bibliography page
d. Any form of plagiarism detected in your essay
e. Not using 12 point font, not having 1a? margins
17. In your attempt to answer the question, your essay must include the following:
a. A clear thesis statement
b. Developed main points with appropriate and convincing evidence from primary or secondary sources
c. Appropriate and effective organization of content
d. A clear and coherent writing style that uses effective rules of English and grammar
e. Correct mechanical skills including spelling and punctuation