Onstructing Gender through Body Customization

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Onstructing Gender through Body Customization

First, take some time to reflect on how you dress. Consider and write responses to the following questions.
Pay special attention to how your choices reflect your personal identity, and how they relate to the construction of gender.

1. What are the personal beliefs or values that are supported and expressed by your dress or body customization?
Why do you make the choices you do? How has this changed over the years?
What do your personal choices regarding dress say about your gender?
If a stranger were to describe who you were, how might they do so?

2. What were the core beliefs and values of gender in your family and how were they communicated/sustained through dress or body customization?

3. What are the core beliefs and values of your immediate community (peers, work place, university, city, etc.) now?
How are they expressed through dress and body customization?

4. Is Orlans work art?
And for additional, I am a female.