Onstruction and Organisation Management//Tendering and Estimating

SCHOOL OF Architecture, Computing
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Submission instructions
a? Cover sheet to be attached to the front of the assignment
a? Question paper to be attached to assignment
a? All pages to be numbered sequentially
a? Assignment to be stapled ONLY ONCE in the top left-hand corner
a? Assignment NOT to be placed in a folder, plastic sleeve of any kind or bound in any other form.
a? Computer discs to be attached to the work in an envelope or purpose made sleeve adhered to the rear

Module code

CE 2208

Module title

Construction and Organisation Management

Module leader

Mr Ian lemon

Assignment tutor

Ian lemon

Assignment title

Tendering and Estimating

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Handout date

20th October 2011

Submission date

1st December 2011
Learning outcomes assessed by this assignment
(see course handbook)


Form of assessment:

y Individual work 0 Group work

For group work assessment which requires members to submit both individual and group work aspects for the assignment, the work should be submitted as:

0 Consolidated single document 0 Separately by each member

Number of assignment copies required:

y 1 0 2 0 Other Please specify a¦.

Assignment to be presented in the following format:

y Stapled once in the top left-hand corner
0 Glue bound
0 Spiral bound
0 Placed in a A4 ring bound folder (not lever arch)

Note: To students submitting work on A3/A2 boards, work has to be contained in suitable protective case to ensure any damage to work is avoided.

Soft copy:

0 CD (to be attached to the work in an envelope or purpose made wallet adhered to the rear)
0 USB (to be attached to the work in an envelope or purpose made wallet adhered to the rear)
0 Soft copy not required

Note to all students

Assignment cover sheets can be downloaded from UEL Plus via the following pathway.

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All work has to be presented in a ready to submit state upon arrival at the CITE Helpdesk. Assignment cover sheets or stationery (including staplers) will NOT be provided by Helpdesk staff. This will mean students will not be able to staple cover sheets at the Helpdesk.

Work which is not presented to the required specification will not be accepted by Helpdesk staff.


You are to attach this sheet to your assignment and provide evidence of where you have covered the learning outcomes

Module code

CE 2208

Module title

Construction and Organisation Management

Module leader

Mr Ian lemon
Learning Outcome Number Provide Page number and brief overview of evidence provided





University of East London
School of Computing Information Technology& Civil Engineering

Construction Management& Organisation CE2208

Tendering and Estimating

Coursework Submission

Assignment No1 2010/2011
Submission Date December 3rd 2010
Submission of Coursework

1. All the work must be the students own.
2. Work is to be word processed and this should be in a clear legible typeface and double line spaced, single sided. Calculations must be logically laid out so that they can be easily checked. Sketches may be in pencil with inked notes. All pages should be clearly numbered.
3. As it is essential that students develop their own drawing skills, photocopies of information from books will not be acceptable.
4. Submissions must be properly structured, this involves pre-planning your work. Students should include a rough draft planning with their submission as marks will be awarded for the quality of the plan.
5. The work must have an introduction, rationale and conclusion as well as the main subject matter, together with a bibliography and/or any references used. The brief must also be included with the submission work. The assignment must include an index.
6. In industry presentation of information is of paramount importance. Marks will be awarded for the quality of the presentation skills used.
7. All work submitted should have a front cover sheet collected from Room EB G29 ACE Reception. The work must be submitted to Room EB G29 ACE Reception before the deadline date 2pm.The work will be date stamped received. The front cover sheet must be complete.

a) The University and Department Titles.
b) Students full name, course title and year.
c) The Unit/Unit Number and Title.
d) The Title of the piece of work.
e) The date.

8. Work which is submitted after the due date or such extended date as agreed, will receive zero marks. Students who make an attempt at any part of the coursework will be deemed to have taken an opportunity as described in the student handbook.


L&H are medium size contracting company working mainly in the South East England. Their clients are generally from the public sector although private sector works are undertaken.

Project costs can range from twenty thousand pounds up to twenty million in value, L&H never forget the grass routes of the industry and it has been known for them to undertake very small projects as well similar to the one described below.

Some of their works can take them to different parts of the country, they have been invited to tender for a particular project 200 miles from head office with a contract value of 1.2 million pounds. The contract is ICE 7th edition with a contract period of 38 weeks.

L&H havenat been so successful recently in terms of bidding success, turnover has increased but close analysis shows that predicted profit and actual profit is considerable less.

1. a) Discuss how the Economical Climate could affect L&H bidding
strategy as a Main Contractor and how they may monitor their success rate.

(25 marks)

b) Morale has been low on several sites in one area,
communication and quality of work has suffered.
(25 marks)

2. a) L&H have a project which involves the construction of a Tank
House this will house large turbo driven pumps . From the
drawings enclosed from the drawings enclosed you are to
calculate all the centre and perimeter lines that are listed.
Discuss the importance of calculating centre lines in a standard
(10 marks)

b) Produce a simple priced bill of quantities from the class exercise headed Site Clearance. Explain the importance of standardising measurement with the CEMM

3. a) Discuss the procedure you would carry out as the Clients
Engineer to monitor the suitability of L&H to tender for these
works and if successful carry them out.
(10 marks)

b) You work for a L&H Civil Engineering Contractors as chief
estimator. Provide a flow chart with a brief explanation incorporating the procedures involved from receipt of tender documentation up to and including Tender Adjudicate through to submission .
( 10 marks )

c) List all the tender documents that would typically be provide for
this project (ICE 7th Edition) along with a brief explanation of
each one.
(10 marks)

Tank House Foundation