Onstruction Management and the Environment

The questions are:

The 1998 report by John Egan a?Rethinking Constructiona? presented the construction industry with a number of proposals to improve the industry. One important area he focussed on was improving the health and safety of the workforce. Outline Eganas justification for recommending health and safety improvements in the construction industry and summarise the main elements of his proposals to achieve this improvement. Illustrate your answer with examples from work done on the module.


In recent years, the BREEAM system has achieved a significant foothold in the construction industry. BREEAM aims to improve the quality of the built environment by focussing attention on sustainable building design, construction and operation. Describe the main principles of the BREEAM system and how it operates in practice. Illustrate your answer with examples from work done on the module.

-I would like all the citation in the text and wherever required. I would also like in one of the pages all the references that have been used listed alphabeticaly and harvard style. the rest 3 pages would include the answers of the two questions. I will also send 2 pdf files that have to be included in the answers and another microsoft word file which is the work i have done on the module for the last part of the questions.