Onstruction Management & Economics: Lean Construction

First of all, this is a coursework related to QUANTITY SURVEYING.

-Please read the above referencing requirements, there are a total of THREE core books/journals ! together with some suggestions you make like to use in the paper !!

-For the paper, please look at (many) research journals relating Construction Management & Economics then use them as reference and then write a paper on LEAN CONSTRUCTION with critical review of literature.

* PAY ATTENTION: This is a research Journals paper
These are cores:

-Day, A (2008) How to get Research Published in Journals
-Eccles, T. Sayce, S and Plimmer, S (2007) Research Methods
-Ridley, D (2008) The Literature Review: a step-by-step guide for study

And you may also like to read:

-Burns, T & Sinfield, S (2008) Essential study skills: the complete guide to success at university, 2nd ed. London: SAGE. (Chapter 11:  How to research and read academically includes short sections on  Analytical and critical reading and  Reading a research article. )
-Chaffee, J (1994) Thinking Critically, Houghton Miffle
-Day, A (2008) How to get Research Published in Journals Aldershot: Gower
-Fellows, R and Liu, A (2008) Research Methods for Construction London: Wiley Blackwells
-Garnham, A & Oakhill J (1997) Thinking and Reasoning, Blackwell
-Brookfield, S (1995) Developing critical thinkers, Open University press
-Hair, J (Ed) (2007) Research Methods for Business London: Wiley
-Hart, C (2001) Doing a Literature Search: a comprehensive guide for the Social Sciences London: Sage
-Preece, R, A. (1994) Starting Research: an introduction to academic research and dissertation writing London: Continuum
-Ridley, D (2008) The Literature Review: a step-by-step guide for students London: Sage
-Thomson, Anne (2002) Critical reasoning: a practical introduction, 2nd ed. London: Routledge.