Purpose : To study the need of constuction effective command and control systems for Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) to support joint operation (Army, Navy and Airforce)

Problem statement :

1. A clear system of command and control is very pertinent in the Armed Forces. Without it, military plans cannot be understood and executed. It will jeopardize any military operation as well. It is the effective Command and Control that can realized the synchronization of resources into one integrated system. Although the objective factors such as conditions of fighting create a possibility of victory in war, it is the subjective factor of decisions made by commanders through proper Command and Control that would turn such possibilities into reality.

2. From the various operation and exercise conducted by Malaysian Armed Forces, there are some area that need to beef up, coordinate and integrate. Issues such as lack of integration of information, standardization of equipment and training, Manpower management, difficulty in acquiring high tech weapon system, budget allocation and political restraint/direction was identified by MAF.

3. Thus, it could be seen that the Malaysian Armed Forcesas Command and Control could not be properly developed, organized and trained to take up such challenges as yet. Therefore, this paper seeks to discuss and analyze whether the Command and Control of the MAF is adequate to support joint operations involving Army, Navy and Airforce.

Requirements: (clearly defined in separate sheet)

1. Literature review
2. Hyphothesis
3. Research question
4. Research design (tentative plan)
what the study is all about?
what type of data is required and what are the sources of data?
what is the purpose of research?
what should be the place or area study?
what should be the amount of resources needed for study?
how much time is actually required?
which method of data collection should be appropriate?
how sshould the data be analyzed?
what would be the methodology of the study?
5. Research proposal format
a. Problem Statement
b. Research questions
c. Review of literature
d. Objectives/purpose and hypothesis
e. Illustration of conceptual framework
f. Research Method :
what method are to be used?
Rational of such methods
how data will be collected?
g. Analysis plan:
How the data will be analyzed?
What quantitative/qualitative tools will be used?
h. Rsource and time schedule
how much material resources are needed?
how much intellectual support is wanted?
what time schedule will be followed?


Title Page
Disclaimer Page
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Table of Contents
List of Tables
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Chapter 1. The Problem and Its Setting
Background of the Study
Statement of the Problem
Specific Variables
Objectives of the Study
Significance of the Study
Scope and Delimitation
Conceptual Framework
Definition of Terms

Chapter 2. Review of Related Literature and Studies

Chapter 3. Research Methodology and Procedures
Research Method
Units of Analysis
Locale of the Study
Population and Sampling Procedures
Data Gathering Instruments
Data Gathering Procedures
Data Analysis Procedures

Chapter 4. Presentation, Analysis, and Interpretation of Data
Presentation of Data
Analysis of Data
Interpretation of Data

Chapter 5. Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

Work Cited
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