Onstruction op analysis R6 (reading articles)

please read the 3 articles attached.
for EACH article, write ONE quiz question and its answer
(total of 3 quiz questions and 3 answers and 3 sources)

the sources are the articles make sure to cite them

you can write any type of question:
true or false, fill in the blanks, a¦ etc

a¦ I prefer if you do NOT do the short answer questions 🙂

the questions and answers should be short and simple

the answers shouldnt be long (about 3-5 lines). I dont want the writing to be too professional.
the question and answer should be simple not too complicated.
however dont choose something too easy. (for example dont ask to list something that is listed in the article. that would make it too obvious)
the teacher wants to know if we read article.

I will attach the requirements.
please read it carefully to know how to write the questions and answers.