Onstruction project (site and environment)

My group and I have to do a construction analysis for our class project. My part is to write and explain the site and environment of the project. I have to talk about the location and site description (Macro and Micro Site plan) and also the Soil Conditions and Climate (Wind, rain, seismic, heating and cooling degree-days).

The project we are constructing is called CUA rain. For more info, please visit this website

The project site is located on the west side of the Crough Architecture Building at the Catholic University of America. (You could get the CUA map online and see where that building is exactly located)

The soil properties is a?Peat Highly Organic Soila?

I found an example online. Someone did a site analysis for a project they were working on.

What I need from you is something similar to the previous pdf file. Donat worry about the format I will edit it.

You will find the information you need from the CUA rain website and if you search the catholic university of America.

I will attach the footings calculations; it has to do geotechnical stuff. It may give you an idea of what sort of soil we are working with.

If you need to include pictures in the report just put a mark somewhere and Iall add it. I have pictures of the project and the site. Make sure to mention or note what I should include

Iam not good with searching or analyzing so please help me write this site analysis.

Let me know if you need anything else to do this. Iam trying to include (attach) everything that would help with this analysis.