Onstruction; Roof and Intermediate Floors

Roofs and Intermediate Floors. These are primary elements and may be provided in a variety of forms, be constructed in a number of ways and have a range of different finishes.

Describe the functions, performance standard, connections, materials and characteristic feature of the floor(s) and roof(s) you recommend for the case study building.

Also this is about;

Pitched Roof , Wall platemain connection between roof and wallof building, Roof construction (Timber Truss), Cold roofInsulation between ceiling joists, materialis “quilt”, Ventilation in roof (Resistance to the passage of heat), Gutter,wooden battens, Hip ended roof, the Ridgeof the roof and verge, connection used for Timber Truss is a Steel galvanised plate”, slate tiles. Trussed roof, Intermeiate Roof called beam and lock floor, closed eaves, single lap interlocking tiles, sarking, Fascia board, soffit with disc or slot type ventilator(for ventilation continuous). safety in general.

The report needs,diagrams reference to manufacturers data, legislation and finding current construction method.

*I added three plans that show the specific type of buildings and the essay should be based on these drawings.

Please note that all essays should be without plagiarism.

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