Onstruction suveyour to have done layout

For construction suveyour to have done the layout for a municipal street intersection in Musfreesboro,TN. as part of the essay, please choose the urban street intersection in broad and Mercury, as show on trafic Camby visiting the following website: htt://aspx When get to the website,scroll down and choose the Traffic camera option from the list on the left side web page. Now on the mao choose the camera symbol just left of the represents the intersection of broad and mercury. Itsthe camera symbol yust left on the higway 70 maker on the lower right side of the map. tou can also find it by placing you mouse over each symbol and reading the intersection it represent. if the web site suggest tha you installactivationin oder to see the picture, keep in mind tha you are simple being offered free and safe sofware to install on you computer from this website While viwing the trafic at the intersection, imagine all factor that we necessary for the construction suveyour to layout this intersection, List the obvious factor. For instanse, approximate roadway allowanse ( hit the lane are approximate 10 feet wide) type of road,etc.Then list the probale,but not obvious, factor (e.g.water.sewer,utility lines). factor, provide a brief methodology that may have beenn used by the construction suveyour, and give an example of why this the methodogy may have used for intersection.