Onsultancy Skill and Organisational Change

Consultancy Skill and Organisational Change

British Airways has recently gone through a series of changes, with the economic climate and falling sales, amongst other factors, leading to redundancies and loss of staff privileges. Analyse the change that British Airways that has gone through and critically analyse the drivers of that change, the nature and level of the change, and the critical issues determining its effectiveness.

In order to pass the assessment you will need to:
Explain and critically assess, using appropriate models and theory, the importance of the organisational culture in this change management process.
Identify the forces within individuals and organisations causing resistance to the change and assess the strategies employed to deal efffectively with them using appropriate models and theory.
critically evaluate the change agents approach to this process using appropriate models and theory.
Apply a systematic diagnosis to the organisational situation, recognising the need to consider the academic validity of different sources of inofrmation used when re-constructing the event that occurred within the change management process.