Onsultation: Legal & Regulatory Project

***please use the Thomas Jefferson University and Hospital for this order, and a Human Resources Specialist as a person interviewed****
***will upload samples from other students on how its supposed to look****


To assess your ability to:
Link anticipated concepts to real-world expectations.
Describe the education, training, and credentialing unique to the human resource healthcare professionals.
Describe the attributes and characteristics of healthcare organizations that promote and optimize an effective work environment for healthcare professionals.


For this project you will be required to consult with a Human Resource professional in a healthcare field. You will work with this professional to develop a report that can help guide healthcare managers with the legal and regulatory concerns of the hiring process, disciplinary process, and issues related to employment separation.
During Weeks 1 and 2, you identified and had approved your selection of a healthcare Human Resource professional. This assignment requires you to develop a set of questions and carry out a formal consultation session with this HR professional. Your questions should be developed around the following:
The role of the human resources plays in the healthcare organization and with healthcare managers.
What is the hiring process for their organization and what are the major legal concerns for the healthcare industry for hiring qualified healthcare professionals?
What is the disciplinary process for their healthcare organization and what are the legal concerns for healthcare managers related to disciplinary action?
What is the process for employment separation at their healthcare organization and what are the legal concerns for healthcare managers?

Action Items

Complete all assigned readings for the course so far.

Complete your formal consultation session with your approved healthcare human resource professional.

By Sunday, post an initial response to the below items on the discussion topic, Consultation Summary. Go to the Toolbox and click Discuss to display the discussion tool and make a post.

The position title and organization of your HR professional
The time and place of the consultation session (include if it was on the phone, or virtual)
What worked well in the consultation session?
What you may change for future consultation sessions?
A brief summary of your consultation session (the highlights)
Your post should be at least 300 words in length.