Onsulting Contract and Forms: Facebooks Research Proposal


Overview of Facebook issue and why it need consulting (It is NOT the instructions):

These articles focus on Facebook and raises questions about the sustainability and innovation of social media as a whole over the years. The argument is on the decline of user interaction over the years and how it weakens the structure and functionality of social media. The connections between print era scrapbooks and current social media have several commonalities between the two; they are both personal media archives that house personal media with the options to either have private viewing or public displays. They are a means to document friendship, navigate new media abundance, express taste, and build cultural capital. However, technological advancements have caused some social media networks to disappear as people needs and desire evolves and new stronger networks emerge. Like scrapbooks of the past, Facebook also documents and leaves traces of events and social encounters that shape their lives and share them with the world.

These articles are a way to look back at the evolution and the future of social media. With companies like MySpace, Orkut, and Hi5 once the giants in the industry eventually becoming less relevant over time, Facebook should be on the alert.

Question 1: How can Facebook diversify its product offerings to stay relevant amid rapid social media evolution?
Question 2: Where do you see Facebook in the next 5 years?

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(1) Please do the following steps, which are based on the professor requirement:

In the a?Contract & Formsa part of the group project, I want students to submit

1. a Consulting Proposal”, which will include
a. aim and objective of the proposed consulting
b. brief situational analysis
c. literature to be reviewed (only name of the articles/books/periodicals)
d. detailed methodology of the research (based on the article)
e. Expected outcome

(2) Use this article ONLYfor this assignment (Use graphs or anything requirement)

On the Evolution of User Interaction in Facebook”