Onsumer Behavior and the Marketing Manager

Consumer Behavior and the Marketing Manager
There are five primary managerial applications related to the study of consumer behavior. These include product positioning, environmental analysis, market research, marketing-mix strategies, and segmentation.
Nearly every product decision made by the marketing manager is influenced by consumer behavior considerations. Products are developed because the marketer believes they meet actual or potential needs of consumers. Thus, consumers will respond favorably to the product if it solves a problem. Products are positioned based on consumer attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions. Products are differentiated from competing products to ensure that consumers will see the relative benefits and advantages of one over another.
Environmental analysis, whether a part of marketing research or a more general marketing information system, provides vital information on threats and opportunities to the organization. A major part of this analysis is to provide the marketer with information about environmental factors that may or will influence consumers and their behavior in the future.
Marketing mix strategies require the coordination of all of the four Psa price, promotion, product, and place. Understanding consumer behavior and the reaction to each of the elements of the mix is essential to a developing a marketing strategy to which consumers will respond.
Finally, segmentation allows marketers to tailor their offerings to a particular group or subset of consumers within the total market. First, however, the marketer must understand what specific variables cause consumers within a segment to react in a particular way. A full understanding of consumer motivation and consumer behavior is essential to this effort.
In order to develop an effective marketing strategy, marketers must understand the factors that influence each phase of consumer behavior, from acquisition to disposition.

For this online discussion, you are to consider how consumer behavior affects marketing decisions, specifically market segmentation. Based on your understanding of the principles and concepts in this class thus far, post your thoughts and ideas on the nexus between consumer behavior and marketing strategy. Give specific examples either from your observations or your experience as a consumer as to how a better understanding of consumer behavior would help in developing marketing strategies.